Hello Journal, It’s Me.

Dusting this off. I started this blog in a effort to become less of a consumer of content and more of a creator. Unfortunately, I let that slide.

So what’s new? I’m applying to FOSS Outreach Program for Women Internships (Thanks GeekFeminism.org for alerting me to this round of applications!). *waves at people from FOSS Outreach Program* I see people have already been visiting this site from the link I attached. Sorry for the old content. I’ll be posting more regardless of if I get into the program. For my initial contribution that’s required of all applicants, I have been working on bug triage for the Wikimedia Foundation. In another post I’ll talk specifically about what I’ve been working on.

Also, I got a pinboard to help me save links instead of having too many tabs open. I may pull a couple out and make a link post every week.