New Internship and Finishing Up with Partners

I’m so excited to be accepted as an intern in Gnome’s Outreach Program for Women! I will be working with the Wikimedia Foundation! I’ll be keeping up with my project on this blog.

With my acceptance into the program comes the end of my current job. For the past year, I have been a Technology Specialist in Partners Resource Network (PRN). PRN helps parents of children with disabilities advocate for themselves and their children within the education system through education and trainings. One project I ended up being assigned was the creation of an Annual Report video put on our website. Now, I had no experience with video editing, but I was willing to learn, so I took on the assignment.

I looked at a few videos other projects have done, and I began by reading information on what equipment was needed for recording interviews. Our project has a camera, but it is an SD camera. After taking a few test videos, I knew the quality would not be good enough to upload. Thankfully, I have a Flip camera. It’s an HD camera, but it has its drawbacks. One is that video taken in poor lighting conditions can turn out grainy. Another drawback is that an external microphone cannot be connected to the camera. However, it was better than the other option.

I was working with a project director within Partners, and she wanted parent testimonials in the video, so we attempted to set up a time in the Houston office to interview parents. Later she decided interviewing parents at a conference they were having would be better.

The conference was at a hotel. They didn’t book a separate space for recording, so I had to set up on the far side of the break/lunch area. This presented a couple of problems related to the Flip camera’s drawbacks — lighting and sound. Thankfully, the hotel staff brought me a couple of lamps to help with the lighting. Cue me moving chairs and lamps and recording myself multiple times to make sure the video turned out alright. I felt silly, but everyone was attending sessions, so I was by myself most of the time.

How I conducted the parent interviews.

How I conducted the parent interviews.

I could not do anything about the sound, however. You can hear people talking during breaks or dishes being moved in some of the videos. It doesn’t ruin the videos, but they could definitely do without it.

Using Adobe Premiere 10, I ended up cutting each interview into its own video. You can view them here (I’ve only uploaded a few as of 12-17-2012, but as I upload more, I’ll add them to this playlist):

Anyway, this is one of the projects I’m finishing up before I leave Partners. It’s nice to see how the organization that I worked for helped these parents and their children.


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