First Bug Day

My first Bug Day is this Tuesday! We will be working on “stale bugs,” specifically bugs that have not had changes for over a year (excluding enhancements). There are 259 bugs , and it’s unfortunate that there are so many bugs that haven’t been addressed, but I wouldn’t say it’s surprising that there are so many open bugs that are so old — actually it’s pretty understandable. Developers can only spend so much time bug fixing before it becomes their job. Also, developers may not be inclined to elicit more information from reporters if their bug description is not immediately clear. That’s why it’s important to triage bugs. In general you can get more relevant information for reporters so they’ll be more inclined and more able to fix bugs. Also, triaging old bugs is important because it allows us to close issues that are not relevant anymore, e.g. bugs on features that don’t exist anymore, and helps revive old issues that still exist but don’t have any attention on them.

I enthusiastically encourage anyone even vaguely interested in participating in open source to participate in this Tuesday’s Bug Day. This will also be my first Bug Day, so we’d be learning together. You don’t need to be on IRC during the whole event, but you will need a Bugzilla account to help. Like the Triage Guide says, you can test opening reports to see if the problem still persists. If there is not enough information to retest, leave a comment asking for the information. Don’t forget to CC yourself on the report, so you can follow up. I will be on the channel during the event (nick: valeriej) so please say hi and ask any questions you may have. Also, please share this with anyone you think would be interested in participating.

Here’s on example of a report I worked on, I tested this issue, “RSS feed isn’t pulling from correct article history”. The initial report was in 2009. I have Outlook, so I tried to replicate Jenny’s set up to see if I got the same results. She didn’t explicitly link to the feed that she subscribed to, so I tried the links that Jure posted in Comment 1. Importing those links into Outlook did not replicate the same issues Jenny posted, so my comment lists what I did. With these steps Jenny could replicate my steps and see if she still has the issue. But, since this report is so old, she may come back and say she doesn’t have this issue anymore or worked around it somehow. It is also likely that she may not answer at all, which is what actually happened. After about 6 weeks of no response, I closed the report as WORKSFORME. Because I don’t know of an actual patch that fixed this problem, I can’t call it FIXED. The report can be REOPENED later if Jenny, or someone else, comes back reporting this same problem.


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